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  1. Rain Gutter System
    A simple guttering section that bridges the gap between two Instant Awnings to prevent water falling through

    • Available in multiple sizes
    • High quality PVC material
    • Bridges gap between two GZBO's
    • Helps channel water to the outside
    • 100% flameproof
    £11.00 + VAT

  2. 40cm Heavy Duty Steel Stake Kit
    4 x 40cm Steel Stake Kit - add extra stability with this tie down upgrade.
    £12.49 + VAT

  3. Canopy and Side Wall Bag (Large)
    Our high-quality polyester bags are perfect for packing away and transporting your canopy and side walls.
    £16.66 + VAT

  4. Ratchet Strap Kit (set of four)
    Upgrade your standard tie down kit to our new 4.5m ratchet set for extra strength and stability, which includes four ratchets.
    £17.36 + VAT

  5. GZBO Frame Cover (Slipover Design)
    A simple 600D polyester slip-over dust cover to help protect your GZBO Frame & Canopy

    • Protect your GZBO frame from dust and scratches
    • Fits over a frame with canopy attached
    • Premium 600D polyester materials
    • Drawstring tensioner for a tight fit
    • Available for all frame ranges & sizes
    £19.00 + VAT

  6. 12kg Rubber Weight Plate

    Our ergonomic 12kg Rubber Weight Plates are perfect for securing your gazebo. The plates can be stacked facing opposite directions, providing 360 degree support around the gazebo leg (price per plate.).

    £25.75 + VAT

  7. Four Weight Bags (12kg when filled)
    Each sand filled weight bag can hold up to 12kg of sand (supplied empty), and they simply strap around the leg of your Gazebo to add a handy amount of weight in windy conditions.
    £28.00 + VAT

  8. 13kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    Our 13kg weight plates provide a cost effective option for safely securing your gazebo or Instant Inflatable. Each weight has an easy to carry handle and is specifically moulded so that multiple plates can be stacked on top of each other when required. Dimensions 50mm (h) x 290mm (w) x 260mm (l).

    £29.00 + VAT

  9. 15kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    Each 15kg weight plate is made from cast iron and has a silver powder coated finish. The 15kg plate has been specifically designed for use with gazebos, shaped to maximise contact area with the foot plate and the strapping added to ensure any movement is restricted. Great for increasing stability in windy conditions, and essential if you are using your awning on hard ground where the tie down kit cannot be utilised. Dimensions 85mm (h) x 150mm (w) x 270mm (l).

    £33.00 + VAT

  10. 600D Polyester Side Walls
    Buy replacement 600D Polyester Instant Awning Side Walls - 100% waterproof and flameproof, with a special PVC lining on the inside.
    £35.00 + VAT

  11. GZBO Standard Roller Wheel Bag

    Our 600D polyester standard Roller Wheel Bag helps protect your frame in storage and when moving between events. Available in four sizes.

    • High quality zips, straps and handles
    • Heavy duty base for frame to sit on
    • Strong and sturdy roller wheels
    • Large front pouch for accessories
    • Pack away and protect in seconds!
    £39.00 + VAT

  12. 20kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    A unique interlocking weight plate design combining two 10kg pieces - the most secure and easy to handle weight plate on the market. Each weight has an easy to carry handle and is specifically moulded so that multiple plates can be stacked on top of each other.

    £45.00 + VAT

  13. Ground Bar Stabilising System

    Our heavy duty Ground Bar system adds a fantastic amount of stability to all GZBO Instant Awnings. The bars can be used on their own or in conjunction with ground bar sleeves which will significantly improve side wall tension. The ground bars are currently available in anodised silver and come complete with treated nylon black brackets.

    £55.00 + VAT

  14. GZBO PRO Roller Wheel Bag
    The GZBO PRO Roller Wheel Bag makes transporting your GZBO frame & canopy easy, while protecting it from damage at the same time! The heavy duty 1000 denier polyester material is extremely durable, and the robust bag features large wheels suitable for any terrain. There are multiple carry handles to either pull or lift the bag, and your GZBO frame will sit securely on a steel base plate secured by a heavy duty 2" Velcro strap.

    • Our strongest wheeled GZBO bag EVER!
    • Available for all frame sizes & ranges
    • Heavy duty 1000D Polyester material
    • Large all-terrain wheels
    • Heavy duty metal base plate with 2" strap
    • Side storage pocket for small accessories
    £59.00 + VAT

  15. GZBO 600D Polyester Canopy

    Our heavy duty GZBO Canopies are manufactured from 600D Polyester with a PVC lining - they are 100% waterproof and flameproof. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2m x 2m to 4m x 8m, as well as a wide range of colours.

    • Premium 600D PVC lined material
    • Heavy duty 100% waterproof design
    • Flameproof with internal FR label
    • Re-enforced contact areas to prevent wear
    • Heat sealed seams
    • Designed to fit all GZBO frame ranges
    £115.00 + VAT

  16. GZBO Ultra, Hex 50, Express 40 and Compact Frames

    Instant Promotion offers the widest range of gazebo frames across the industry. We have ten sizes in five range options and many are available in four anodised colours. The frames listed can be purchased to replace existing Instant Awnings products. All canopies and walls bought from us over the last 10 years will fit these frames (in the appropriate size).

    £165.00 + VAT

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