60 Bespoke Instant Awnings In Record Time, Health and Safety Consultation & Nationwide Staff Training

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 03:01:25 Europe/London

Instant Promotion
have worked with Sky TV since 2011 but the biggest challenge so far came in March 2015. Until then Sky field teams had never used conventional aluminium gazebos as they were too bulky to transport and too heavy for a one man set up. The challenge: to create a light weight 2.5m x 2.5m awning that would be durable enough for day to day use, fit inside a Sky fleet car and most importantly fulfill all usability criteria from a very stringent Health and Safety Division.

Order Approval
Following a number of visits to BSKYB Head Office presenting a variety of options, updating the design and testing in the field, a final package was formally piloted and approved. Alterations to our standard stock range included lighter brackets, shortened upper legs, re-drilled half wall bars and a completely new pull pin placement system.

Roll Out
To aid the successful roll out of 60 awnings across the UK, Instant Promotion co-produced a video guide that has been uploaded onto Sky’s internal intranet site. We also designed a photo specific set up and take down best practice manual in line with H&S requirements.

Ultra Fast Production & Delivery
The complete order was manufactured within a three week period and was subsequently rolled our across the Network over 6 days through regional workshops across the UK. All new items, including work wear and additional in-car safety items were delivered and historic marketing equipment was taken back by our team. The end to end roll out was managed and carried out by our skilled staff.

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