GZBO Standard Roller Wheel Bag

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Our 600D polyester standard Roller Wheel Bag helps protect your frame in storage and when moving between events. Available in four sizes.

  • High quality zips, straps and handles
  • Heavy duty base for frame to sit on
  • Strong and sturdy roller wheels
  • Large front pouch for accessories
  • Pack away and protect in seconds!

Our 600D polyester Roller Wheel Bag helps protect your frame in storage and in transport and can be rolled to any site location. The bag features a hard base with strong roller wheels. Ideally the frame should be transported inside the bag on its own with the canopy and sidewalls carried separately in our Canopy / Sidewall Carry Bag. If the canopy is left on the frame when packed away, please ensure the material is draped outside the closed frame and doesn’t get caught between truss bars.

There are four generic sizes which will fit multiple frame sizes. Please review the Specification tab for suggestions on which bag is suitable for each frame size. Also take a look at our heavy duty GZBO PRO Roller Bag range (which includes bag options for 4x4m, 4x6m and 4x8m frame sizes ).

For COMPACT roller bags please follow this link.

All frame recommendations are a guide only. Not every frame will fit perfectly inside the bag suggested. Please check the open size dimensions below against the size of your frame to ensure you are happy with the bag you will be receiving.

 Open Size (cm)Weight (kg)Frame Suggestion
Extra Small 152(h) x 37(l) x 37(w) 3.6 Express 40 1.5 x 1.5m / 2 x 2m / 2.5 x 2.5m. Hex 50 2x2m / 2.5x2.5m
Small 164(h) x 37(l) x 37(w) 3.65 Express 40 3 x 3m / 3 x 4.5m. Hex 50 and ULTRA Hex 50 3 x 3m
Medium 164(h) x 54(l) x 37(w) 5.05 Express 40 3 x 4.5m (oversize) / 3 x 6m. Hex 50 and ULTRA Hex 50 3m x 2m / 3 x 4.5m
Large 164(h) x 65(l) x 37(w) 5.85 Hex 50 and ULTRA Hex 50 3 x 6m

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