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  1. 40cm Heavy Duty Steel Stake Kit
    4 x 40cm Steel Stake Kit - add extra stability with this tie down upgrade.
    £12.49 + VAT

  2. 20kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    A unique interlocking weight plate design combining two 10kg pieces - the most secure and easy to handle weight plate on the market. Each weight has an easy to carry handle and is specifically moulded so that multiple plates can be stacked on top of each other.

    £45.00 + VAT

  3. 12kg Rubber Weight Plate

    Our ergonomic 12kg Rubber Weight Plates are perfect for securing your gazebo. The plates can be stacked facing opposite directions, providing 360 degree support around the gazebo leg (price per plate.).

    £25.75 + VAT

  4. X1 Weight Securing Plate

    Our customised Weight Securing Plates are the ideal solution for safely securing your X1 on hard and soft ground when purchased with our 20kg weight plates. The galvanised steel plate comes complete with carabiners and webbing straps for tethering to your dome. Each Securing Plate sold individually. See the Specification tab for additional information.

    £99.00 + VAT

  5. 680W Electric Pump

    The 240v mains powered 680w electric pump works perfectly with our sealed air Instant Inflatables. The tube can be disconnected and reattached on either inlet of the pump to inflate or aid deflation. Many of our larger inflatables are designed with two inflation valves so whether it be as a backup, a replacement for an existing pump or to work alongside the one you are already using, this 680W option provides great value for money.

    £59.99 + VAT

  6. 13kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    Our 13kg weight plates provide a cost effective option for safely securing your gazebo or Instant Inflatable. Each weight has an easy to carry handle and is specifically moulded so that multiple plates can be stacked on top of each other when required. Dimensions 50mm (h) x 290mm (w) x 260mm (l).

    £29.00 + VAT

  7. 15kg Gazebo Weight Plate

    Each 15kg weight plate is made from cast iron and has a silver powder coated finish. The 15kg plate has been specifically designed for use with gazebos, shaped to maximise contact area with the foot plate and the strapping added to ensure any movement is restricted. Great for increasing stability in windy conditions, and essential if you are using your awning on hard ground where the tie down kit cannot be utilised. Dimensions 85mm (h) x 150mm (w) x 270mm (l).

    £33.00 + VAT

  8. X1 LED Light Kit
    The LED Light Kit is custom made to fit perfectly on any X1, ideal for any low light environment. The lightweight modern design attaches to pre stitched ties on the inside of all X1s using simple clips and adjustable straps. The power lead then fits neatly out of sight between the canopy and chosen leg. All controlled by a wireless hand held dimmer.

    £225.00 + VAT

  9. Instant Inflatables Hand Pump
    Our double action hand pump is ideal for use with our Spider Dome Expo for top up valve inflation during use. Also works perfectly in combination with the Coleman Rechargeable QuickPump with our Spider Dome X1 range.
    £16.67 + VAT

  10. 1hp Instant Inflatables Blower

    All three external blowers are ideal for powering our large constant air Cube Marquees and Spider Domes. Please refer to the Specification tab on this page for detailed product information. If you are unsure which blower will be most appropriate for your needs please call us to discuss your requirements.

    £90.00 + VAT

  11. Ratchet Strap Kit (set of four)
    Upgrade your standard tie down kit to our new 4.5m ratchet set for extra strength and stability, which includes four ratchets.
    £17.36 + VAT

  12. GZBO Tie Down Kit

    The Instant Promotion Tie Down Kit comprises of 4 x ratchets, 4 x pegs and an easy to transport carry bag, perfect for safe tethering of Instant Awnings and Inflatables. Each ratchet strap includes a cam buckle adjustor and snap hook for attaching to gazebo truss bars or inflatables D rings to ensure stability on all surfaces. The 30cm steel anchoring pegs are best suited to soft ground. The complete kit weighs just 1.5kg and measures 32cm x 11cm in the bag.

    • 4 x ratchets, 4 x pegs, 1 x carry bag
    • Ideal for gazebos and inflatables
    • Cost effective solution for safe tethering
    • Can be used with or without weights plates
    £10.00 + VAT

  13. Ultra-Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin Ground Sheet
    Ideal for safe and clean set up and take down of all Instant Promotion products, especially our Inflatables range. Completely waterproof, both sizes offer a combination of strength and durability and can be wiped clean.
    £29.00 + VAT

  14. 20kg Weights Plate Bungee Strap Set (x10)

    The elasticated ball bungee set is ideal for connecting your Spider Dome X1 to our 20kg weight plates, securing the dome safely to the ground. This cost effective solution works best with our smaller 3x3m and 4x4m X1s.

    £9.99 + VAT

  15. 20kg Weights Plate Carabiner Strap Set (X8)

    Our Carabiner Strap sets are perfect for 3x3m to 5x5m Spider Dome X1s and can also be used to secure additional weight to the Spider Dome Expo and Pro. Eight strap sets are included, each made up of two fabric strips with a stainless steel D ring on both ends and an 8mm snap hook carabiner.

    £19.99 + VAT

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