GlamoRose Cakes Branded Gazebo

In the heart of Swindon lies a charming cake shop that has captured the taste buds and hearts of locals: GlamoRose Cakes. Renowned for their delectable treats and impeccable service, GlamoRose Cakes recently made a majestic addition to their marketing arsenal by investing in a striking 3m x 3m Branded Gazebo paired with our heavy duty GZBO Hex 50 aluminium frame. With a short lead time and a grand event on the horizon, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the GlamoRose Cakes event gazebo was printed, delivered, and ready to shine in time for the King's Coronation.

Bringing Ideas to Life, One Gazebo at a Time: When it comes to creating a memorable brand presence, GlamoRose Cakes believes in going the extra mile. Recognizing the potential of a customized gazebo, they turned to the trusted experts at Instant Promotion to make their vision a reality. Our 3m x 3m Impact Package stood out as the perfect choice, encompassing a full colour sublimation printed canopy and a full-height 3m back wall.

The Race Against Time: With the coronation event drawing near we understood the urgency and pulled out all the stops to expedite the printing process. In record time, the stunning full colour instant canopy and full-height branded back wall were adorned with GlamoRose Cakes' distinctive branding, ready to make a regal statement!

A Double-Sided Delight: Not content with a single-sided display, GlamoRose Cakes opted to upgrade their full-height back wall to feature double-sided printing. This strategic choice allowed their branding to be visible from all angles, ensuring maximum exposure and leaving a lasting impression on passersby.

Swift Delivery, Majestic Impact: The gazebo, a bright and eye-catching design, needed to reach GlamoRose Cakes promptly to meet their deadline. Understanding the importance of this momentous occasion, we arranged for a same-day courier service to ensure the gazebo arrived in Swindon on time. The seamless logistics allowed GlamoRose Cakes to focus on their event preparations and to maximise their return on investment.

A Royal Affair: The king's coronation event was an affair to remember, and GlamoRose Cakes, with their striking 3m x 3m Printed Gazebo, became the center of attention amongst the High Street stalls. Towering over the crowd, the gazebo commanded the admiration of onlookers, its vibrant colors and striking branding capturing the essence of the GlamoRose Cakes brand.

GlamoRose Cakes, the beloved cake shop in Swindon, demonstrated their commitment to excellence and marketing innovation through their investment in a 3x3 Event Gazebo. Our talented design team turned their vision into reality, ensuring their cake stall received maximum footfall on the big day! The gazebo's stunning design, complete with a full-color sublimation printed canopy and double-sided full-height back wall, left a lasting impression on attendees and elevated GlamoRose Cakes' brand to new heights. As they continue to delight their customers with their mouthwatering treats, GlamoRose Cakes has proven that investing in a professional heavy duty gazebo can make all the difference!

We would like to express our gratitude to GlamoRose Cakes for their photos & incredibly positive feedback: "The gazebo is absolutely astonishing! We are all completely enamored with it!"