20kg Weights Plate Bungee Strap Set (x10)

£9.99 + VAT
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The elasticated ball bungee set is ideal for connecting your Spider Dome X1 to our 20kg weight plates, securing the dome safely to the ground. This cost effective solution works best with our smaller 3x3m and 4x4m X1s.

Each pack includes 10 bungees, 8 are needed for our 4 leg X1s. The elasticity of the cord gives you just enough range of movement when attaching the weights to the D rings on the X1, but still ensures the dome stays stable and safe when everything is secured. Bungee straps are most effective with smaller domes where there will be less wind resistance and only one weight plate purchased per leg. Where multiple weights are being used on each leg and with larger X1s we would recommend either our weight plate carabiner straps or X1 weight securing plates.

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