20kg Gazebo Weight Plate

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A unique interlocking weight plate design combining two 10kg pieces - the most secure and easy to handle weight plate on the market. Each weight has an easy to carry handle and is specifically moulded so that multiple plates can be stacked on top of each other.

Our unique interlocking plate design will NEVER slip off the foot plate of your gazebo. The centre hole is approx. 52mm diameter, making the 20kg Interlocking plate suitable for both our 40mm and 50mm frames. With an additional 80kg of weight (assuming one plate on each outer leg) your Gazebo will be extremely stable in windy conditions. Weight plates are especially useful when setting up on hard surfaces where tie down ropes and pegs can't be used.

The 20kg weight is also perfect for hiding inside our Inflatable Gazebo, Spider Dome Pro and Expo zipped foot pockets (fits all sizes except Pro 3x3m) and they can also be placed inside Inflatable Cube Marquee walls for additional stability. With its wide diameter and low height the 20kg plate is perfect for use underneath our inflatable Spider Dome X1 feet, attached to the D rings on the legs using bungee straps here.

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Setup Video
Watch our 20kg Interlocking Weight Plates being setup on a Hex 50 Instant Awning.

They have been designed so that they can safely and securely stack, as demonstrated in this short clip.

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